Status: Active

The 30kW OTEC Lab at Saga University utilizes heated and cooled water for experimentation, not actual deep seawater.


Experimental and corroborative works of OTEC technology with the Uehara Cycle, which is our own invention at this IOES, are being carried out in this room. Also a hybrid type OTEC technology combined with desalination system is another objective here. The output capacity of the pilot OTEC plant is 30kW, while the desalination test plant has a production capacity of 10 tons per day. 


  • Scale: 30kW equivalent
  • Working Fluid: Ammonia / Various
  • Type: Various Cycles | Onshore
  • Seawater Source: 1000t/d up welling pipe
  • Established: 2003 (Construction Completed)
  • Operation: Research Operation 2003~
  • Location: 1-48, Hirao, Kubara-aza, Yamashiro-cho, Imari-shi, Saga, Japan, 849-4256
  • Website:

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