The Ocean Thermal Energy Association

The Ocean Thermal Energy Association (OTEA) is a volunteer organization providing a means for collection, coordination, and dissemination of information for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) stakeholders. The Association is transnational, non-political, and dedicated to the realization and future growth of commercial OTEC deployment. This is an association consisting of individuals with interest in the development of OTEC technology and closely related activities. 

Our Story

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and related technologies such as seawater air conditioning (SWAC) and Deep Ocean Water (DOW) use have long been relatively unknown despite significant research and implementation around the world. Over the past 8 years, various countries have hosted the annual International OTEC Symposia, which have brought together stakeholders to discuss ideas and developments, but many felt a more organized framework was necessary to connect stakeholders and contribute to ocean thermal energy development. Established in October 2020, this volunteer community is working together through networking and collaboration to meet the needs of members and those who hope to see clean ocean energy supplying power and resources for islands and costal communities.

We now have more than 500 members and observers from 48 countries and regions.

Our Executive Committee

The OTEA Executive Committee (ExCo) are volunteers selected by their peers and serve two-year terms. Each Country or region with 3 or more members selects a delegate to represent them. Our ExCo, now in its second term, has a wealth of experience in academia, government, and the private sector.

Dr. Yasuyuki Ikegami

ExCo Chair, Japan Delegate

Professor and Director at the Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University

Nadia Febina

Vice Chair, Indonesia Delegate

CEO Lumare Energi

Martin Brown

Vice Chair, UK Delegate

CEO Ocean Energy Systems Limited, Consultant Naval Architect (MRINA)

Rodrigo Klim Gomes

Brazil Delegate

Dr. Gouri S. Bhuyan

Canada Delegate

Dr. Han Yuan

China Delegate

Santiago Arango Aramburo

Colombia Delegate

Dr. Oliver Marc

France Delegate

Franck Lucas

French Polynesia Delegate

Dr. Purnima Jalihal

India Delegate

Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana

Malaysia Delegate

Kaoru Sohun

Mauritius Delegate

Dr. Estela Cerezo Acevedo

Mexico Delegate

Dr. Lars Golmen

Norway Delegate

Yerima Iliyasu Yusuf

Nigeria Delegate

Michael A. Katz

Oman Delegate

Dr. Carmelo Dilao

Philippines Delegate

Hosaeng Lee

South Korea Delegate

Shih-Chi Lee

Taiwan Delegate

Berend Jan Kleute

The Netherlands Delegate

Dr. Solange Kelly

Trinidad and Tobago Delegate

Gregory Navarre

USA Delegate

Diego Acevedo

Combined Region Delegate

Loreto Duffy-Mayers

Combined Region Delegate

Dr. Kamal Tennakoon

Combined Region Delegate

Committee Chairs

OTEC Symposium

Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana

Industry Liaison

Martin Brown

OTEA Secretariat

The OTEA Secretariat carries out the day to day task of operating the OTEA. The Secretary General is appointed by the ExCo.

Martin Card Front

Benjamin Martin

Secretary General

Xenesys Inc.

Berend Jan Kleute Card Front

Berend Jan Kleute

The Netherlands Delegate

Sathiabama Card Front

Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana

Malaysia Delegate

Contact Us

The OTEA is just getting started, get in touch with question, comments, or to request more information.

Our Logo

The OTEA logo was designed by member Endy Chaniago, Co-Founder and CTO of Supreme Technics, a Malaysian-based company that specializes in In-Water Inspection using ROV. 


Our bylaws were adopted by the founding ExCo Membership in October 2020. The current version of the bylaws can be accessed below.

Note: The Combined Region is a collective region representing countries and regions with 2 or fewer members to the OTEA Executive Committee.