Okinawa OTEC Demonstration Facility

Okinawa Prefecture Industrial Policy Division

Status: Active

The Okinawa Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Demonstration Facility is currently able to produce grid-connected power, but does not operate continuously.

Purpose and Ownership

This facility was commissioned by the Okinawa Prefecture Government to demonstrate OTEC and to test equipment and simulations. Although connected to the grid, it is not a commercial facility and was not designed for commercial power production. The facility is owned by Okinawa Prefecture and operated by Xenesys Inc. From the website:

In order to realize a low-carbon island society, part of the basic plan for realizing the 21st Century Vision of Okinawa, we promote the research and development of ocean energy, striving to reduce the environmental impact of local production of energy and promote the regional characteristics of Okinawa.


Disclaimer: The operators of this facility are members of the OTEA

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