MW-Scale OTEC for Kiribati

MW-Scale At Sea Test in Korean Waters, Courtesy KRISO

Status: In Production

Many of the project’s major components have been procured and tested at-sea. Awaiting seawater intake and transport/installation to onshore site.

Project Overview

In response to a request from the Kiribati government, the Korean government has deployed a project to develop a MW-Scale OTEC facility for South Tarawa in Kiribati. Expanding on the lessons learned at its 20kW OTEC Lab and other research efforts, the Korean OTEC Team has procured heat exchangers, turbine, and other equipment for power production.

In September 2019, alongside the 7th International OTEC Symposium, the team successfully tested the equipment, which had been placed on a barge and towed to a testing area in Korean Waters. The equipment included seawater intake pipes.

Future plans include the establishment of seawater intake facilities on South Tarawa and the installation of the equipment onshore.


  • Scale: 1MW Gross
  • Major Components: 1MW Scale Onshore OTEC, Other Combined Uses
  • Location: South Tarawa, Kiribati
  • Expected Completion: 2022
  • Status: Studied | Partially Procured
  • Developers: KRISO


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