Establishment of the OTEA

More than 370 researchers and industry leaders have launched a new global Ocean Thermal Energy Association (OTEA). The Association has members from 41 countries and regions. It is committed to supporting stakeholder’s efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainability Goals through establishment of commercial OTEC and related technologies by supporting information exchange, networking, and encouraging the establishment of practical applications.

Ocean Thermal technologies, which include Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC), and Deep Ocean Water (DOW) utilization, provide resources to meet energy production, energy efficiency, water, food, and other requirements for island and coastal communities and increase their self-sufficiency.

Although these technologies have high potential for many locations around the world, most have yet to be scaled-up to commercial operations. As a voluntary community of interested stakeholders, the OTEA has been formed to better understand and contribute to the commercialization of these technologies.

The OTEA is governed by an Executive Committee of elected country and regional delegates, with Professor Yasuyuki Ikegami, Director of the Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University as Chair and supported by two Vice Chairs.

PDF: OTEA-Press-Release-20210402.pdf

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